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The AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved again in Canada

Published May 27, 2021
The AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved again in Canada

(FILES) In this file photo taken on November 17, 2020 An illustration picture shows vials with Covid-19 Vaccine stickers attached and syringes, with the logo of the University of Oxford and its partner British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. - British drugs group AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford on November 23, 2020 said their jointly-developed vaccine against Covid-19 has shown "an average efficacy of 70 percent" in trials. The results ranged between 62 and 90 percent efficacy depending on the vaccine dosage. (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP)

News Desk: The second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine has started in the Canadian province of Ontario after a one-week suspension. Over the past week, health experts have decided to use the vaccine after reviewing the latest data on the estrogen vaccine.

Several provinces in Canada, including Ontario, have suspended the first dose of the estrogen vaccine following fears of a blood clot. Ontario will give this vaccine to citizens as a second dose.

The country’s health officials say they have analyzed data from the United Kingdom. As such, the risk of blood clots is very low, the risk is the first few days after the first dose. After taking the second dose, that fear is largely eliminated. As a result, after taking the first dose, the second dose actually reduces the risk of blood clots.

Those who took the first dose of AstraZeneca between March 10 and 19 will now be able to book a second dose. There are adequate amounts of Pfizer and Modern vaccines for those who take the first dose of the vaccine. Anyone over the age of twelve can now book a ticker in any area.

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