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“Next generation Windows” coming in June

Published June 6, 2021
“Next generation Windows” coming in June

News Desk: ‘Next Generation Windows’ is coming on June 24. The US software giant Microsoft said on Wednesday. A week before the announcement, Satya Nadela, the company’s chief executive, said a large-scale announcement was coming.

An online program is scheduled to be held on that day at 9 pm Bangladesh time. In the meantime, the organization has started sending invitations for the event. At the same event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela and CEO Panos Pan will announce the new Windows.

The Windows operating system currently dominates the operating system used in personal computers. Windows also accounts for 14 percent of Microsoft’s total revenue. Since its launch in 2015, the company has updated the Windows 10 operating system twice a year.

A few days ago, it was announced that Microsoft will not bring Windows 10X. Soon after, Nadela hinted at a new window. On the other hand, Microsoft came up with the latest Windows update last month with a few changes.

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