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Saudi extends visa-ikama for stranded expatriates

Published May 26, 2021
Saudi extends visa-ikama for stranded expatriates

News Desk: Saudi Arabia has announced to extend the ikamar (residence permit) of expatriates stranded in different countries due to travel ban due to coronavirus epidemic. With this, the Middle Eastern country is giving the opportunity to extend the validity of visit visa including exit and re-entry visa till June 2 completely free of cost.

According to the report, the Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia has approved the extension of free Iqama and visa under the direction of King Salman. The move is said to be part of an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of Saudi nationals and residents and to compensate them financially.

The Saudi immigration authorities have confirmed that the visa extension process will be automated in coordination with the National Information Center. It will not be necessary to report to the Passport Department (Javajat).

Saudi Arabia has lifted its ban on international flights since May 17. But last week, Saudi authorities warned citizens to travel to 13 countries, including India, without permission. Concerns have been raised about insecurity and instability in those countries. However, in many parts of the country, the coronavirus epidemic is raging and the virus has caused new panic.

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