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Return hajj flights start today

Published September 6, 2017
Return hajj flights start today

The return hajj flight to bring back the Bangladeshi pilgrims begins today (Wednesday) and will continue till October 5.


The first of the 139 flights carrying Hajj pilgrims will land at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 6:10pm, followed by four flights on the day.


An additional 30 flights have been arranged by Biman.


Biman in a press release said the baggage allowance for economy class passengers is 46kg, while business class passengers are allowed 56kgs. Individual suitcases must not exceed 23kgs in economy class and 28kgs in business class. The maximum weight of cabin bags has been set at 7kg.


The press release also said passengers are not allowed to carry their own Zamzam water. Biman will provide each pilgrim with 5 litres of Zamzam water which will be handed to them after they land at Dhaka airport.


The national carrier operated a total of 187 dedicated Hajj flights this year, with 24 of them eventually cancelled because of a lack of passengers. This was caused by people buying airplane tickets without obtaining the necessary visa for their travel.

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