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Application for university admission is till 15th April

Published April 10, 2021
Application for university admission is till 15th April

News Desk: The preliminary application for the admission test for the 2020-21 academic year of the group of 20 universities will end on April 15 (Thursday). The matter was confirmed in an emergency notification from the Public Relations, Information and Publications Department of Jagannath University on Saturday.

That being said, for the admission of students in the first year of graduation in the academic year 2020-21, the integrated admission process of general, science and technology affiliated universities has started. The last time for preliminary application for admission test is till 11.59 pm on 15th April (Thursday). The initial application deadline will no longer be extended. Students who have minimum qualifications will be able to apply early.

The notification further said that the results of the students who are eligible to participate in the admission test on the basis of merit among the primary applicants will be released on April 23. Initially selected students can make a final application for participation in the admission test between April 24 and May 20 by depositing Rs 600 through mobile banking service.

According to the relevant sources, the initial application for the admission test has started on April 1. The test will start from June 19. Detailed information of cluster based admission test can be found on the admission related web sites and

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