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Our theatre scene and its present challenges

Published May 16, 2023
Our theatre scene and its present challenges

News desk: Theatre has a rich history in Bangladesh. Like many other art forms, it combines social commentary and dialogue with skilful acting and narratives to reach audiences. With the advent of various entertainment platforms and given Bangladesh’s limited approach to performative arts, theatre has progressed, but still has a long way to go to overcome multiple obstacles standing in its way.

Mohsina Akhter has been involved in the theatre scene since 2005 when she enrolled in Dhaka University’s drama department. Currently, she works as a theatre director, actor, designer, and lecturer at Tagore University of Creative Arts (TUCA) and as adjunct faculty at the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Dhaka.
“Intellectual and physical analysis portrayed in theatre teaches us to understand life. Character analysis and development allow us to get to know ourselves through the journey the characters undertake in every act,” says Mohsina Akhter.
She further adds, “Unfortunately, until now, there is limited opportunity to choose theatre as a profession in Bangladesh. Everyone involved in theatre has to do something else to survive and this is an obstacle in its development.”

Theatre is very distinct from television and other forms of media because there is no intermediary between the actors and the audience. There is no screen or middleman conveying the story to its audience allowing the viewers to relate with the plot, characters and setting directly and interpret the story. The ability of theatre to illustrate commonplace struggles, chores, and emotions to the audience is its most compelling feature and is one best resonated through audience interaction and reaction.

While there are many challenges within the business, the audience sheds hope. In Mohsina’s opinion, “The new generation is eager to see theatre differently.” To her, this is one of the more positive things in the scene currently which assures her that a solution to the existing challenges will emerge.

She further elaborates, “While this generation is addicted to social media and their attention span is very short, I do not think it should affect theatre. Watching theatre is a practice and there are many countries where this practice is prevalent.”

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