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Supreme Court wades into fight between Democrats

Published May 15, 2023
Supreme Court wades into fight between Democrats

Usa news: A former Trump hotel located blocks from the White House that inspired a battle with congressional Democrats is at the center of a dispute that the Supreme Court on Monday agreed to resolve.

At issue is a 2017 request from a group of Democrats who demanded the Trump administration provide records about how the former president obtained the rights to develop the government-owned building into a hotel. The property became a regular haunt for foreign dignitaries and GOP officials during Trump’s presidency.

When the administration declined to provide all of those records to the House Oversight Committee, the lawmakers sued.

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The hotel itself is no longer controversial: Trump left office in 2021 and the Trump Organization sold its lease for the hotel, now a Waldorf Astoria, a year later. But there are enormous balance-of-power issues at stake for future presidents.

If the Democratic lawmakers win, it could give members of the minority in Congress more power to probe a presidential administration of the opposite party – even though they wouldn’t have the votes needed to issue a subpoena.

Trump and Biden administration officials have both fought the lawmakers’ request.

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