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Free discussion and award on “Empowerment of Women” organized by Grace for All Foundation in New York

Published October 3, 2022
Free discussion and award on “Empowerment of Women” organized by Grace for All Foundation in New York

Desk News : September 22, 2022 :: “Grace for All” Foundation organized open discussion on “Women Empowerment for Bangladesh & Bangladeshi Diaspora over the world” and an award ceremony recently in New York.
Recently, TV personality, peace activist Dima Nefartity and author Munia Mahmud organized an open discussion on “Women’s Empowerment” at Dhansiri restaurant at Jamaica in Queens, New York. President of News Broadcasters Alliance Mumtahina Hasnat Ritu and Transgender Rights Activist Hochemin Islam from Bangladesh were special guests on the occasion. Invited guests were writer, New York mainstream activist Lizi Rahman, executive member of Sri Chinmoy Center and peace activist Chandika Kapalika, writer, journalist Shelly Zaman Khan, psychiatrist Dr. Nasreen Quader, philanthropist Mrs Shamima, representatives of the young generation Rayan Samad and Aizman Samad.

On the occasion, CEO of “Grace for All” Foundation, Peace Activist Dima Nefartity presented the “Momtaj Shirin Award of Excellence” to Mumtahina Hasnat Ritu and Hochemin Islam on behalf of Grace Foundation in memory of her mother late Mrs. Momtaj Shirin. Dima Nefartity said that giving this award in memory of her mother is an inspirational step. Grace Foundation hopes to continue this initiative consistently. Grace Foundation has started working with the aim of spreading the light of inspiration in the society, spreading education, practicing healthy culture, achieving economic liberation, and improving the quality of life of the underprivileged people. Dima believes that joint efforts of like-minded enlightened people can make the impossible possible.

Writer, Munia Mahmud said, “Women are daughters-wives-mothers. Women’s empowerment starts from the family. A woman is the main driving force of her family and the society. Women’s education, cultural development, decision-making skills can glorify the family from the society, from the society to the country.

The special guest of the program, transgender rights activist and the first transgender nurse of Bangladesh, Hochemin Islam, came to New York after visiting several states of America after attending the International Visitors Leadership Program at the invitation of the American government. She appreciated the open discussion and award ceremony on “Empowerment of Women” and thanked the organizers sincerely. She then recounts her long struggle as a transgender woman in Bangladeshi society. Hochemin said, “Bangladesh society has not yet completely ready to belong the transgender or hijra community. So we have many more battles left. The sincere cooperation of every enlightened person will smooth our way.”
Another special guest of the program, broadcaster, politician Mumtahina Hasnat Ritu thanked the organizers of the program and said, “I was impressed by this table talk and get together of the enlightened women in abroad. Expressing her immense gratitude for the “Mrs. Momtaj Shirin Award”, Ritu said, “Came in New York and getting this award is basically a motivation. Also, I believe, only the concerted efforts of women can make the path of women easier.”
All other invited guests of the open discussion from their respective positions and contexts on women’s empowerment, at home and abroad; expressed their well thought out opinion on the matter. All of them emphasize on women’s well-educated, self-educated upbringing, cultural development, decision-making ability to achieve economic emancipation from the family.

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