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In Bahrain, 70 Bangladeshis have died due to corona

Published June 9, 2021
In Bahrain, 70 Bangladeshis have died due to corona

News Desk: 70 Bangladeshi nationals have died in Bahrain due to coronavirus infection. Of these, 32 Bangladeshis died last May.

That is why the Bangladesh Embassy has made a special request to all to strictly follow the hygiene guidelines issued by the Bahraini government.

According to the Bangladesh Embassy in Manama, thousands of citizens and expatriates in Bahrain are being affected by the Corona every day. The death toll from the virus is also rising at an alarming rate.

According to the Bahraini Ministry of Health, a total of 70 Bangladeshi workers have died in Corona so far. Of these, 32 workers died in May. In this situation, everyone is specifically requested to strictly follow the guidelines adopted by the Bahraini government on hygiene, Covid-19 situation.

The Bahraini government has been providing free coronavirus vaccines to expatriates living in Bahrain since the beginning. The government has been urging people living in Bahrain to get vaccinated from the beginning. It has imposed many restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated. In this situation, the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Manama has strongly urged all Bangladeshi workers to be vaccinated.

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