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Farewell message that goes with the month of Ramadan

Published May 8, 2021
Farewell message that goes with the month of Ramadan

News Desk: Wherever there are Muslims in the world, we congratulate them all on the fact that Allah has blessed Ramadan again. If he had picked us up before Ramadan or if he had made us sick, if he had disabled us, then we would not have got the benefits and taste of Ramadan, we would not have benefited from Ramadan. By the grace of Allah, he has given us the opportunity to fast with faith and Islam, in a healthy and normal state, in safety and certainty. At the beginning of Ramadan we expressed joy and congratulated each other. Now is the time to comfort one another and encourage patience. Because Ramadan is saying goodbye to us.

Sadly, most people do not have the feeling that Ramadan is leaving, what a precious time to leave life. Ramadan will come again. As long as Allah wills — He maintains the existence of the world, Ramadan will come, it will come every year, it will come with due dignity and respect, the fasting people will fast, the worshipers will build mosques; But the question is whether we will stay? And although I live, but in what condition will I be?

So the Ramadan that Allah gave this year was His special grace. Just as we rejoiced in this grace, so we will be saddened by his departure. But I will not give him any institutional form. At present, Ramadan is being celebrated with pomp and circumstance. An example of this is the ‘Jumatul Bida’ (the last Friday of Ramadan). These formalities are contrary to the basic teachings of Ramadan. The teaching of Ramadan is that as long as the time is right, one should worship Allah alone, stay in the mosque, be absorbed in the remembrance of Allah, recite the Qur’an and shed tears in the court of Allah for the little time left in Ramadan. Since worship, remembrance and tears are for Allah, man-made arrangements are unnecessary. There is no point in saying goodbye to Ramadan in mourning processions and big events, even uttering the word ‘goodbye’ a thousand times. The wise thing to do is to give thanks in the court of Allah if you have taken advantage of the past, to ask Allah for forgiveness if you are not able to take advantage of it, and to make the best use of the time that is left. Shame and repentance remove the imperfection of the servant’s work and bring him closer to God.

The more people lose valuable things, the more they get hurt and try to get it back. And if it is not lost, it takes maximum measures of conservation. Now we have to think about how we have treated Ramadan and Ramadan and how we are saying goodbye to him. The heart will testify that we have not been able to exercise any of the rights of Ramadan, we ourselves were not eligible for Ramadan, yet we did not evaluate it properly when Allah, by His grace, gave it to us.

If a king comes to you and you entertain him. And when he left, he said, “I did not entertain you, where will you find such entertainment?” Then the king will feel insulted and may even get angry and punish. But if you acknowledge your imperfections and express your inadequacies, He will gladly reward you. Ramadan is a more honored guest for the believer than the king. She came and is saying goodbye now. Regarding fasting, Allah the Almighty said, ‘Fasting is for me and I will repay it myself.’ That glorious fast came to our house. What did he get? Has he been caressed? Neither did we fast properly, nor did we perform the prayers. I have read with so much carelessness! Have we secretly helped any of God’s servants? I put food in the mouths of helpless and hungry people? Have you ever thought that your neighbors can fast without any worries? Basically we could not do anything that could be presented in the court of Allah, which would make Allah the Almighty happy. According to the hadith, Allah lives with broken-hearted people. People will complain, O Lord! Where will we find you? We are poor, made by our soil, we are unclean. On the other hand you are great, where can I find you? Allah will say, “If you want to search for me, go to the broken-hearted people, go to the afflicted people.”

Since we have not exercised the right of fasting, nor have we been able to perform the acts of worship that are offered to God, we will spend the little time we have in repentance and repentance. I will pray that Allah will accept our slightly flawed worships by His grace.

Eid ahead. The joy of Eid is for those who have been able to fast according to the guidance of Allah and His Messenger. But for those who have not realized the right of Ramadan, where is the joy? He will burn with remorse for his negligence, inattention and imperfection. Many people do not fast but celebrate Eid with joy. And some people give up all the restraints of Ramadan to celebrate the joy of Eid. They forget that Allah says, ‘You eat, drink; But don’t waste it. ‘

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