No movement without “movement pass”

Published:Wednesday, 14 Apr 2021 11:04

No movement without “movement pass”

News Desk: An all-out lockdown has been announced from Wednesday to April 21. The previous lockdown was lax and law enforcement was not seen in a tough position to control the movement of people. But this time it was said from the beginning, it will be strictly controlled. The “movement pass” issued by the police to get out in case of emergency can be used for a certain period of time.

Sergeant Saiful, who is in charge of the lockdown, said, “Everyone has to show a pass. No one is being allowed to move out of need. ”

They are also being sent back if they do not have a pass or a permit. Shahbagh police sub-inspector at the corner. Nasir Uddin Khan showed the motorcycle parked on one side of the turn and said, one could not show anything. So he left the motorcycle and went to fetch the paper.

Police activities are being seen at the corners of Shahbagh, Karwan Bazar, Sciencelab, Farmgate and other areas of the capital. Many people are moving by showing print copy or movement pass on mobile. No vehicles other than pickups and tracks of some private vehicles, motorcycles, rickshaws and goods transport were seen on the road. As the holy Boishakh holiday, the movement of people is less.

Mirpur 1, 2 and 10, Shewrapara, Kazipara, Paikpara, Gabtali police checkposts. The number of vehicles is less. The police are sending them back if they cannot show logical reasons. Cases and fines are being filed somewhere.

A CNG autorickshaw driver named Md. Ali fell at a police check post in front of Mirpur police station in the morning. He was fined Rs 1,200 for not showing any reason to leave. Mirpur police station inspector Mezbah Uddin said five more rickshaws were seized here.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Mirpur Division Kamal Hossain said, “There are 11 checkposts and 2 mobile courts in Mirpur division. If they do not show movement pass and logical reason, they are being sent back. ”

Sergeant Shamsuddin Shams said at the check post in Gabtali, “15 vehicles have been sued for unnecessary movement here.”