BNP leaders and members being arrested in false cases: Mirza Fakhrul

Published:Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021 10:04

BNP leaders and members being arrested in false cases: Mirza Fakhrul

News Desk: Despite the fact that the BNP has no involvement with the Hifazat-e-Islam program, the government is arresting and harassing the leaders and workers of the BNP and its affiliates in the Hifazat case due to complete political revenge.

According to the BNP secretary general, the government is trying to suppress the BNP leaders and workers out of revenge by failing to deal with the BNP politically. He also said that it was nothing but the government’s policy of corruption.

In a statement, Mirza Fakhrul said, “The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has called for nationwide protests on March 29 and district headquarters on March 30 in protest of the indiscriminate firing on Independence Day.” During these activities of the party, the local police carried out massive attacks, shootings and beatings. The protest rally organized by reckless police baton charges in Khulna city, 30 people were injured in the attack BNP leader Babul kajisaha. Mohammad Babul Kazi died last night while undergoing treatment. We have no language to condemn the police attack. ”

Mirza Fakhrul said 30 people were injured in police firing during a protest in Naogaon on March 30. Among them, 17 people, including Juba Dal leader Kohinoor Islam, were arrested in Naogaon on the same day. In continuation of this, last Saturday, the joint convener of Naogaon district Raninagar upazila BNP. Mosharraf Hossain, Naogaon Municipal BNP convening committee member and general secretary of the Municipal Volunteer Party. Shahidul Islam and Baktarpur Union BNP senior joint convener. Police arrested Afzal Hossain Sardar.

In the last 14 days, Mymensingh Mahanagar BNP convening committee member and former chairman FI Faruk, Mymensingh South District BNP convening committee members Helal Ahmed, Halim Fakir, Mahanagar Juba Dal president Mozammel Haque, Krishi University Chhatra Dal general secretary Jasim Uddin, Chhatra Dal leader Mahbubur Rahman, Mahanagar BNP Leader Wasim Akram and 14 others, in the last three days in Kishoreganj district BNP small and cottage industries secretary. Qayyum Mia, 20 people including Abu Nasser Sumon, general secretary of the district volunteer group, Mozaffar Chowdhury, joint convener of Rangunia Upazila Juba Dal in Chittagong, Md. 10 people including Babar and 10 people including BNP leader Imtiaz Hasan have been arrested in Patiya.

The BNP secretary general alleged that despite the horrific corona, the police were harassing innocent leaders and activists of the BNP and its affiliates by conducting raids on their homes or neighborhoods to arrest them. The notoriety and attacks of the police have created a frightening situation in these areas.