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Examination fee has increased by more100 tk

Published April 12, 2021
Examination fee has increased by more100 tk

News Desk: Despite the protests of the students, the application fee for the admission test has been increased in the corona system. Whereas earlier the examination fee was fixed at Rs.500, this fee has been increased by Rs.100 to Rs.600. On the other hand, the admission committee has announced not to extend the application time if there is a lockdown across the country.

There has been a sharp backlash between the exam and the parents over the issue of raising the exam fee and not extending the application time. They also strongly criticized the two decisions. According to the decision of the last meeting of the cluster admission committee, the final application fee for the cluster admission test has been increased in 20 public universities in the first year of the 2020-21 academic year. For this the students have to pay 600 rupees. However, it was earlier decided to take Rs 500 in the final application. But now it has been increased by 100 tk.

According to sources, the final announcement to increase the application fee by another Tk 100 will be made at the fifth meeting of the admission committee formed by the cluster universities. Recently, Professor Kamaluddin Ahmed, Joint-Convener of the Integrated Admission Test Committee and Acting Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University (JU) presided over the meeting. The vice chancellors of the cluster universities were present there at the time.

The source further said that all the students who have fulfilled the qualifications subject to fulfilling the conditions have been able to make the initial application as per the qualifications. However, now as many students as possible can take the test, they will be given the opportunity to make a final application.

On the other hand, the initial application process for admission to the university in a batch system is coming to an end on April 15. However, it has been reported that this time will not be extended even in the case of corona infection. Many students and parents have expressed anger over this. Because when everything in the country was off to logdown, everyone naturally expected to extend the time of this application.

According to the sources of the admission committee, the results of the preliminary application will be released on April 23. After that, the final application process will start from April 24. It is learned that about 3 lakh applications have been submitted till yesterday afternoon.

Note that on April 1, 20 general and science and technology universities of the country have started the initial application for the first year admission test in the bachelor class in the 2020-21 academic year. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University VC and the convener of the admissions technical sub-committee on the bunch system, Professor. Munaj Ahmed Noor said, “There was no problem on the website after the online application started.  2 lakh 92 thousand 823 applications have been submitted till 3:30 pm on Sunday.  Of these, 1 lakh 71 thousand 256 are in the science department in ‘A’ unit, Unit B has 80,629 in the commerce department And the C unit has received 40,937 applications to the humanities. ”

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