The dead huge whale has floated again

Published:Sunday, 11 Apr 2021 12:04

The dead huge whale has floated again

News Desk: A huge dead whale has floated again in Himchhari near Marine Drive on Cox’s Bazar beach. The whale was spotted by local fishermen at around 9 am on Saturday. Like the whale that floated earlier on Friday, Saturday was also buried in the ground. However, the place of burial is marked. Because whale skeletons will be collected from here after two months.

Crowds of locals, including pedestrians, flocked to see the huge whale floating in the snow again on Saturday. Like the whale rescued on Friday, it floated ashore in the salt water of the sea. The front and back of the whale have fallen off a lot. Besides, rotten stench is also spreading.

At one stage, local people and journalists informed the concerned people including Cox’s Bazar district administration, local police, forest department, environment department, livestock department and their separate team went to the spot.

An official of the Livestock Department said at the time, “It is a little smaller in size than the dead whale rescued on Friday. However, the former is thought to have died at the same time. The floating dead whale is 43 feet long and 15 feet wide. Weight will be more than 10 tons. ”

Cox’s Bazar Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) said. Amin al-Parvez said, “Like the dead whale that floated on Friday, this whale was smelling bad. So, like the previous one, it has been buried on the beach of Himchhari beach. However, the place has been marked. After two months, whale skeletons will be collected from the site and stored for research. ”

The ADC said, “After talking to the experts of the Department of Livestock and the Department of Fisheries, the autopsy of the rescued whale was completed. Environmentalists believe the whales may have been killed by a shipwreck in the deep sea or by fishermen. ”

Cox’s Bazar District Fisheries Officer SM Khalequzzaman said, “Fisheries officials have collected samples of dead whales. An autopsy will reveal how two whales died in a row. ”