Prince Philip’s funeral will be on April 17

Published:Sunday, 11 Apr 2021 12:04

Prince Philip’s funeral will be on April 17

News Desk: The funeral of Prince Philip, the late husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, will be held on April 17. This information has been reported from the British royal family.

A spokesman for the palace was quoted by Reuters as saying. “Prince Harry will be present at Prince Philip’s funeral.”

Earlier, Prince Philip died last Friday at the age of 99. His body is scheduled to be kept in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

It is known that, The number of people attending the funeral will be limited to 30. The coronavirus is thought to be responsible for the presence of so many people. The Reuters report said that everyone who attended would be wearing a mask, including the Queen of Britain.

Prince Harry, who left the royal family and settled in Los Angeles, will attend the funeral but his wife is pregnant. Megan doesn’t seem to be able to stay in that arrangement. Because, the doctor advised her not to travel.

Many people have left flowers at the entrance to Buckingham Palace and outside Windsor Palace in honor of Prince Philip. The people have been asked by the government not to gather anywhere or give wreaths.

A request has also been made on behalf of the royal family, Instead of giving flowers In memory of Prince Philip, the general public should donate to charities.