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The Oxford vaccine is 80 percent effective in the elderly: AstraZeneca

Published March 23, 2021
The Oxford vaccine is 80 percent effective in the elderly: AstraZeneca

News Desk: The Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is 80 percent effective in preventing coronavirus in older people. And it is 100% effective in preventing serious illness or hospitalization.

This was stated by AstraZeneca after the third round of testing of this vaccine in the United States last Monday. Coronavirus vaccination may be mandatory for passengers on international flights, said Alan Joyce, chief executive of the Australian airline Quantas.

He said the governments of many countries were saying that passengers from other countries would not be allowed to enter unless they had been vaccinated against coronavirus. News from various media including BBC, AFP.

AstraZeneca, a UK and Sweden-based pharmaceutical company, has jointly developed the vaccine with Oxford University. More tests have been performed on the human body before to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine.

However, due to a lack of information about older people taking part in these tests, some countries oppose giving the vaccine to older people. Moreover, the big debate about this vaccine started earlier this month. It is said that after receiving the Oxford vaccine, several countries suspended the vaccination for fear of blood clots.

However, no evidence of blood clotting was found after the vaccine, AstraZeneca said. The vaccine is safe, according to the World Health Organization and the European Drug Control Agency (EMA).

According to AstraZeneca, 32,449 people in the United States took part in the third stage of their vaccine. Two-thirds of them have been vaccinated. About 20 percent of them are 65 or older and about 60 percent are at high risk for coronary heart disease. They suffer from diabetes, obesity, heart disease.

The vaccine has been shown to be 79 percent effective in treating coronavirus symptoms in people of all ages. The vaccine is 100 percent effective for critically ill and hospitalized patients.

Vaccination of passengers: Alan Joyce, chief executive of the Australian airline Quantas, said airlines should impose vaccination conditions on international flights on their own initiative, even without government directives.

“We have a responsibility to our passengers and crew,” he said. Everyone inside the plane must be given security. In the interest of security, the conditions for booking tickets have to be changed.

Joyce thinks passengers will also accept the new conditions. Because the majority of passengers think that making vaccination compulsory is a wise plan. He said a Qantas survey found that 90 percent of passengers felt the need to make coronavirus vaccination mandatory for passengers on international routes. That means you can’t travel by air without being vaccinated.

However, many, including the World Health Organization, are against making the covid vaccine mandatory on air travel. Bernardo Marino, a director at the WHO, told the BBC: “We do not approve of the obligation to carry a vaccine on a flight. He said the governments of all countries have to take a common decision to implement such a decision even if the private sector wants it.

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