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The race that names cattle after them

Published March 16, 2021
The race that names cattle after them

There are many indigenous groups in the Indian subcontinent. Those whose language and culture have nothing in common with India. It’s like darkness under the light. This nation worships cow as God. They even name themselves after cattle. The name of this nation is Dinka. They live on the banks of the Nile River. They have no other job but grazing.

However, they identify themselves by another name, which is muojyang. They are of a nomadic nature. From December to April, they leave their settlements and move to the shores of the Nile every year in search of adequate food for their animals. They return to their homes in the hills during the rainy season. This is why they are called pastors.

From the oldest to the youngest children of this tribe drink milk directly from the udder of their pet cows. They also bathe from head to toe with cow urine. They consider it very sacred. Not only this, with the help of cow dung you can scatter ashes. Their idea is that mosquitoes will not sit on it. The naming that is given in childhood after puberty is renamed depending on the characteristics of the cattle or the characteristics of the male and female.

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