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Published:Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 02:08


BANGLANEWSUS.COM is a new generation online portal, a concern of the POSITIVE INTERNATIONAL INC.

This Privacy Policy discusses our collection, disclosure, use and safeguard of your information. This Privacy Policy applies to our news site that link to it, regardless of how you access or use them.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this news site. We might make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will post any changes to our home page. Your persistent use of our portal following the posting of any changes will mean you accept those changes.

Please keep in mind that we are not accountable for the actions and privacy policies of third-party websites and applications that may link to this site.



When you use our website, we gather information from your devices (including mobile devices) for the following purposes.

Information You Give Us: We store information that you provide us including your name, physical address, phone number, email address and photographic images.

Your Interaction: We also gather some information about your interactions with our portal, for example- we collect information about the dates and times you access and stay in our site. We also use cookies to give you better browsing or user experience. This includes your IP address, referral URL, page views, device identity and to some extent the browsing history too. The main purpose of collecting these data is to optimize our system and provide with you the best-suited news as soon as you visit our online newspaper.

Social Media and Other Sites: When anyone visits our site on social media platforms, we will collect the personal details that are available for all, including your ID and other necessary information included in your public activity.



Your information is important for us and we use them to personalize and gradually improve the user experience so that you find a very friendly environment in our portal.

We also use the information to:

  • Maintain and enhance the new site and handle other internal issues
  • Give the services you want
  • Ensure proper customer support
  • Evaluate the usage of the site
  • Communicate and connect with you to provide better service
  • Convey you the news about features and offers that we make for you
  • Give you newsletters or other materials
  • Notify you on any special occasion or promotional services or event
  • Identify, inspect and stop activities that can breach our terms and conditions or privacy policies
  • Optimize the services, operations and activities of the online newspaper
  • Perform demographic, statistical and also marketing analyses to help people understand anything more precisely



We do not sell or misuse your personal information. But we share your personal details with third parties for the following reasons

Third-Party Service Providers: Third-party service providers perform some activities such as collecting and processing donations and other payments for us. These services providers can use your personal information to carry out their necessary functions.

Business Partners: We may give your information with business partners who offer services and products that are important and useful for you.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Situations:  We will also share user’s information to help and support the law enforcement agency and to support the state in emergency situations such as COVID-19 pandemic situation.


We take adequate security measures to safeguard your personal information or details that we gather through this news portal. We try our best to protect your personal information and give the utmost privacy to your sensitive information. Our team also work hard to stop the hackers who try to steal your data from our server.

You can also secure your own information by using an encryption system and other legal ways to stop unauthorized interception of your personal data.


Users Age: Our news portal is planned for users aged 13 and older only. So, we will never collect any personal data from kids that we know to be below the age of 13. However, if we find any children’s personal information in our database, we will immediately delete that information.

Users Outside of the United States: Even if you live outside the United States of America, our rules of gathering and processing your personal information will remain the same for everyone.


For queries about our Privacy Policy and any other questions about receiving promotional news or anything you want to know, Feel free to contact us by email.

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