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August 8, 2020, 8:35 am

Investment needed to tackle unemployment

The good news is that education is steadily spreading in the country while the bad news is that there is acute unemployment among the educated. This has given rise to read more

GDP Growth: Achievement and Potential

Bangladesh now frequently appears in various international development discussions for its marvellous achievements in economic and social feats in the recent times despite the country faces mounting challenges from natural

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Tofail calls EC’s parliamentary polls roadmap ‘realistic’

Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed has described the Election Commission’s roadmap to the 11th general election a good and realistic one and urged all political parties to prepare for the crucial

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People, press and press conference

Mahfuzur Rahman A press conference is an ideal event where reporters get the opportunity to assert themselves as journalists in real sense. The duty of a good reporter is to

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