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August 8, 2020, 8:39 am

Brazil President makes recovery from coronavirus

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has made recovery from the deadly coronavirus.   He tested negative on fourth test since he said July 7 that he had the virus.   Jair read more

How the world celebrated 50 years of Pride – despite the pandemic

It is 50 years since the first Gay Pride march in New York, and 51 since the Stonewall riots in the city which helped energise the fight for gay equality.

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Coronavirus: Vaccine volunteers begin to get immunised

Kathy is one of the first volunteers taking part in a trial to find a vaccine for coronavirus. About 300 people will be immunised in the coming weeks in the

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Ethiopian maids dumped outside Beirut embassy

Maids have been dumped outside a Beirut embassy, amid an ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon, heightened by the coronavirus pandemic. Lebanon’s economy is collapsing with the country’s currency losing 70%

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India-China clash: Modi says soldiers’ deaths ‘will not be in vain’

India’s prime minister has said the deaths of at least 20 soldiers in a fight with Chinese troops in a disputed Himalayan border area “will not be in vain”. Narendra

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