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August 8, 2020, 8:23 am

Coronavirus vaccine: UK government signs deals for 90 million doses

The UK government has signed deals for 90 million doses of promising coronavirus vaccines that are being developed. The vaccines are being researched by an alliance between the pharmaceutical companies read more

Coronavirus changes how doctors deal with death

During the Covid-19 pandemic, doctors have had to deal with death more often than many are used to, and due to restrictions in place over hospital visitors, they are often

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Coronavirus: People shielding in England allowed outdoors from Monday

Vulnerable people in England who have been asked to remain at home since the coronavirus lockdown began are to be allowed outdoors once a day with members of their household

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Coronavirus: One week in one hospital

As the UK begins the slow process of reopening some businesses and returning to work, the BBC has been given unprecedented access to a hospital in the heart of London,

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Coronavirus: Children affected by rare Kawasaki-like disease

Scores of UK and US children have been affected by a rare inflammatory disease linked to coronavirus. In a tiny number of children it can cause serious complications, with some

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