About Us

Published:Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 02:08


Welcome to the fastest-growing and trustworthy USA and Bangladesh based online news portal The BanglaNewsUS.COM (Bangla &English). We are proud to let you know that we are a part of Positive International INC family.

Our ultimate goal is to spread positivity across the world by providing accurate information about the most significant and useful topics of various subject. Moreover, we are committed to conveying you proper news without hiding any information. We are nonpartisan and dedicated to straightforward and honest reporting.

Our CEO Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Adnan, who founded this popular online newspaper in early 2014 with a vision to serve pure and beneficial news to our South Asian community. He is a top-class leader and an outstanding media personal who always inspires our team to work with honesty and loyalty.

As a successful entrepreneur, Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Mahfuz Adnan likes to encourage young and energetic people to work for the welfare of our society. He is devoted to working for humanity, justice and peace. That’s why he founded this exceptional online daily The BanglaNewsUS.COM.

We don’t follow the unhealthy tread of agenda-driven journalism prevalent in today’s mainstream media environment. Also, we are not influenced by any political party or government. Instead, the main principle of this independent online daily is to bring dynamic and up-to-date ideas, views and news to make your life simple and stress-free.

Our renowned reporters and writers work 24X7 hours to collect the latest news about different burning issues around the world. We have correspondents from every corner of Bangladesh to provide you with accurate information even about any trivial issue. We also have correspondent from the UK, Canada and the Middle East.

We believe that each and every human has the right to express their views. Overall, we are committed to sincere, fearless and independent journalism.

The BangaNewsUS.com currently covers 2 languages (Bangla and English) and more than 25 countries.