The EC Mahbub Talukder is doing everything to humiliate : CEC

Published:Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021 08:03

The EC Mahbub Talukder is doing everything to humiliate : CEC

News Desk: Chief Election Commissioner KM Nuru Huda has said that Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder is doing everything he can to bring down the present Election Commission. The CEC thinks that the Election Commissioner is humiliating the commission out of personal interest and motive.

Today, Tuesday (March 2), the CEC has publicly criticized the Election Commissioner, who is always under discussion on the occasion of ‘National Voters’ Day’.

Four Election Commissioners, EC Secretary, Additional Secretary, NID Wing Director General and Project Director were present on the occasion in the auditorium of the Election Building.

The CEC was the chief guest at the end of the day. Earlier, Mahbub Talukder spoke.

Citing this, CEC KM Nurul Huda said, “Mr. Mahbub Talukder used to take out a paper from his pocket and read all the negative aspects of the EC from the day after we joined this election.” Today is no exception.

The CEC noted that he [Mahbub Talukder] made a political statement on the occasion of Voters’ Day.
The total number of voters in the country is 11 crore 17 lakh
He said he does not work in the interests of the country’s election commission; He has done as much as he needs to do to discredit this commission in the interest of the individual and to achieve a purpose.

The CEC said that those who have joined the Election Commission have been doing it all the time. He will continue to say that there is another year. I thought he would say something as Voter’s Day; But he made political statements. He is doing how much the EC can be humiliated, how much it can be brought down, how much it can be humiliated.

The CEC said Mahbub Talukder could work independently as the election commissioner.

KM Nurul Huda said that the mistake of the Election Commission is to make something stand out by taking out an old document. What is the responsibility of the EC, what is the advice, what are the officials doing – whether they do these things, it would be better to ask these questions.

Earlier, Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder said in a written statement titled ‘My Statement’ that a centralized local election was not important. Gaining nomination in elections has now become important. Violence, fights, occupation of the center, vandalism of EVMs, etc. have also created a model of irregularities in the local elections.

If the electoral process is not reformed, the quality of the type of election that is taking place now is likely to go down further, said Election Commissioner Talukder.