‘One step further’ ‘Gangkumari’

Published:Tuesday, 02 Mar 2021 08:03

‘One step further’ ‘Gangkumari’

Entertainment Desk: The government has decided to subsidize nine short films in the 2019-2020 financial year. The film ‘Gangkumari’ is being produced and directed by Fazlul Kabir Tuhin. Preparations for the last stage of shooting are underway. The director of the film said this from the shooting floor of Gangkumari.

Fazlul Kabir Tuhin wrote on Facebook on Monday night, ‘We had to travel a long way to reach the shooting spot. There are various obstacles in making a picture. After overcoming that, everyone was ready for their respective responsibilities. Continuous shooting. After the second phase of shooting, the whole team returned to Dhaka. I was relieved to come to Dhaka. We went one step further in the construction of Gangkumari. Again, the preparation for the shooting of the next and last stage has to start from the urge to finish the movie. That’s the way it is …. ‘

We had to cross a long distance to reach the shooting spot. There are various obstacles in making a picture. That …

Mosharraf Karim is playing the role of Khalcharita in this movie which is about the fishing life of Bhati region. Tura, a drama student of Jahangirnagar University, is playing the role of the central ‘Gangkumari’. Tariq Anam Khan will be seen in the role of her husband. Robena Reza Jasmine is playing another important role. The music of the movie is directed by Maqsood Jamil Mintu.

In the story of the movie, you can see Gangkumari, a 18-19 year old girl from the lower region of Bangladesh. The dark-green girl is a part of nature with the rivers, water, trees, birds and sky of the lower region. Due to the professional life found in the family sources, she did not feel any hesitation, fear or stupidity of the patriarchal society as a woman. The constant struggle for self-defense among the marginalized people of the society has become a beauty in the character of Gangakumari and has reached the unpredictable life-struggle of all the marginalized people of the world. Another feature of Gangakumari’s character is her ability to deal with adversity. That is why she also represents the self-defense and struggle of the women of abhorrent Bengal.