The golden jubilee of independence came in the hope of going further

Published:Monday, 01 Mar 2021 06:03

The golden jubilee of independence came in the hope of going further

News Desk: Today is the first day of Agnijhara March. It was in this March 1971 that the Bengali nation started the freedom struggle for independence at the call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The victory of the 9-month-long liberation struggle was captured on 16 December. Uttal March is therefore a month of struggle for the nation, a month of independence. March is the source of energy in the life of Bengalis.

March 26 is the golden jubilee of independence. Bangladesh is going to celebrate the golden jubilee of that bloody war victory of Bengalis in 2021. This March has come with a new expectation.

March is the month in which the nation dreamed of establishing a non-discriminatory, democratic state in 1971. The people of Bivore all over the country dream of the next generation that will take the country further on the path of democracy and prosperity.

This month will mark the 50th anniversary of independence. March, the month of Bangladesh’s independence, has come with a different message. The final recommendation of the UN for the transition from a least developed country to a developing country. This recommendation has enthralled the nation in the year of the golden jubilee of independence. This achievement is a great achievement in the 50 years of independence. Added to this is the celebration of Mujibvarsha. Although the year of Mujib was declared from March 16 last year to March this year, it has been extended till December next year.

After 50 years, everyone is looking back. The question in everyone’s mind is, did we get the Bangladesh we wanted?

This year’s Agnijhara March calls for taking a new oath on this golden jubilee to spread the spirit and ideals of the liberation war in the society and the state by overcoming what we have not been able to achieve in the national life even after 50 years of liberation war.

The final movement for the establishment of independent Bangladesh began on March 1, 1971. The then President of Pakistan Yahya Khan announced the adjournment of the March 3 Constituent Assembly in a radio address. At that time cricket match between Pakistan and World XI was going on at Dhaka Stadium (now Bangabandhu Stadium). With the announcement of Yahya Khan, all the spectators left the game and joined the protest. By then, thousands of people had started protesting in Paltan-Gulistan. That movement eventually took shape in the freedom struggle. The Awami League parliamentary party was scheduled to meet at Purbani Hotel in Motijheel-Dilkusha area on that day. The agitated students went there and chanted slogans like ‘Hold the arms of brave Bengalis, make Bangladesh independent’. From the first week of March, schools, colleges, madrasas, universities, offices and factories all over the country, including Dhaka, were practically closed. The country fell into disrepair. The freedom movement became more intense day by day. The Awami League, under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, won an absolute majority in the National Assembly elections held in December 1970. While the Bengalis were counting the moments for state power, the military ruler Yahya Khan abruptly adjourned the session scheduled for March 3. Bangladesh immediately swelled. The streets were abuzz with protests. From noon on March 1, all-out non-cooperation with the Pakistani government began.

At that time people all over the country were swayed by hope and despair and fear and possibility. Conscious young people were making up their minds to take up the struggle. The war had started in the minds of the people. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman announced a general strike in Pakistan on 2 and 3 March and a public meeting on 7 March at the then Racecourse Maidan (now Suhrawardy Udyan). That’s the beginning. One by one, 25 days of agitation came. On the night of March 25, the Pakistan army attacked the unarmed Bengalis; The war of liberation began. In this way we got an independent country — Bangladesh in 9 months.