Foods that are reheated are dangerous to eat

Published:Monday, 01 Mar 2021 07:03

Foods that are reheated are dangerous to eat

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There are many of us who place more importance on delicious food than healthy food. And this is why we come to terms with various problems.

It is not possible to cook and eat every day due to daily busyness. As a result, we eat cooked food stored in the fridge. However, it is not advisable to keep some food in the fridge. Because when they are reheated, they lose their nutritional value. Not only that, these foods become unhealthy. Playing these can cause various diseases starting from digestive problems. But there are some foods that are harmful to health when eaten hot. Doctors think it is wise to eat these foods hot after cooking. The list of these dangerous foods also includes some of the favorite foods of Bengalis.

The foods that are more bad when reheated are: –

Chicken meat: – The protein content of chicken meat is very high. Heating cooked chicken breaks down the molecules of this protein. So eating hot meat is likely to cause stomach problems. Moreover, even after cooking for a long time, a type of harmful bacteria called Salmonella remains in the chicken meat. If cooked chicken is heated in the microwave, these bacteria are more likely to spread throughout the meat.

Vegetables: – No matter what kind of vegetables are eaten hot, the nutritional value goes away and there is a lot of possibility of gas. Any leaf contains nitrate. When the cooled cooked vegetables are reheated, the nitrate produces a chemical called nitrosamine, which acts as a cancer seed. In addition, nitrosamines can block the flow of oxygen to various organs, causing severe shortness of breath in children.

Tea: Never drink hot tea again and again. The tea makes a lot of gas in the stomach.

Rice: – According to many nutritionists, it is better not to eat rice hot. However, many of us do not like to eat cold rice. In this case, you can cook the rice in the required proportions and eat it again and again. Usually rice is not eaten immediately after cooking. If the rice is left at room temperature after being removed from the oven, the colder the rice, the more bacteria will grow. If that chilled rice is reheated, the harmful effects of bacteria increase.

Eggs: – Eggs are a food that tastes awkward when it is cold without being washed hot. Repeated heating also loses nutrients and does not have much of a taste. Eggs are a food that becomes toxic when exposed to high heat. So scrambled eggs or boiled eggs should never be reheated. Because playing it can make our stomach upset suddenly.

Turnip: – Turnip is poisonous if it is eaten hot again and again.

Milk: – If milk is heated repeatedly, it increases the concentration and it is more harmful for health. Especially those who are on a diet, it is better not to heat them more than once.

Mushrooms: – Mushrooms are harmful for the stomach if eaten repeatedly. Never eat hot mushrooms. You must eat on the day you cook. When stale mushrooms are heated, the protein in the mushrooms changes. It is very harmful to health.

Potatoes: – Re-heating the potato curry is more risky than nutritious. In the case of potatoes, the problem is a lot like rice. When cooked or boiled potatoes are kept at room temperature, bacteria are born in them. The harmfulness of those bacteria increases when the potato is heated. This can lead to severe stomach infections.

Beet: This vegetable also contains nitrate like spinach which is very dangerous to reheat. However, this does not mean that it will not be eaten the next day, just play without heating.

Celery: It should not be reheated after cooking because of the percentage of nitrate in it. However, when the celery data is reheated, its nitrate is completely converted to nitrate. Excessive intake of nitrate in the body increases the risk of methimoglobinemia. This is a stage where nitrate interacts with hemoglobin and iron in the body’s blood to prevent oxygen from being carried to living cells. Which can lead to physical complications and even death. However, since celery is usually used in soups or similar dishes, if you have to reheat it later, you can remove the celery from those cooked foods and reheat it.

Turnips: Turnips also contain high levels of nitrates. So it should not be reheated, it is better to eat cold later. So from now on, think about when to cook and refrigerate any food and when to reheat it. And if the food mentioned here remains in it, then it should be eaten without reheating to be free from digestive problems.

Burnt or cooking oil: – We often leave some extra oil after frying to cook any other curry with it. Avoid it altogether. Cooking with this oil has a higher risk of cancer and gas problems. Oil heated in this way is deadly to health.