Although she recovered from Corona,She remained brave

Published:Sunday, 28 Feb 2021 07:02

Although she recovered from Corona,She remained brave

News Desk: Corona has recovered from the disease and returned home. But you still have to be alert and brave. Many doctors also get infections from patients.

Physical distance should also be maintained when returning home, as a precaution. Hand washing must be strictly adhered to. It is very important to follow the hygiene rules. There will be little cough. Will leave in time.

Loneliness for 14 days, there will be pressure on the mind to stay away from family. Maybe parents didn’t have a way to know their condition at home.

Good luck recovering without serious complications. If you have a recurrent fever, you may be able to spend the night in the hospital. However, hygiene will be observed in solitary confinement in the hospital, hand washing and wearing a mask.
The first two or three days may be very feverish, dry cough, a little shortness of breath, again from the fifth day the body may be a little better. But that may not be the case.

Within a week or so, the body may feel very bad again, with severe abdominal pain, fluid in the stools, chest tightness, and fever. The sense of taste and smell disappeared completely.

After returning home, the mind touches the body with very light, fresh, fresh air. Went home by ambulance.

Leave your belongings in a separate room and shower in warm water. Adherence to personal hygiene rules will now be the next life.

Many hospital stays are longer. Maybe 54 days of solitude. Beard on clean cheeks. Mature beard. Lost 30 pounds of body weight. Shortness of breath, whooping cough, oxygen bottles next to the bed are all past memories.

The virus continued to attack the lungs, causing pneumonia. Maybe he had heart disease before, long stay in the ICU and cabin at the hospital – maybe because of these complications.

Arrangements for the resumption of normal activities in the area, while restrictions on the sensation of the virus are being relaxed, are reminiscent of the virus in older people who are less prone to the virus.

Many say no one is safe until the vaccine arrives. Maybe the hospital stay was a difficult time, the second time the hospital again. So in the ICU.

This time the nurse came and said, intuition has to be done. A tube will go down through the throat, then the connection to the ventilator can be a life-and-death situation, somehow talking to the wife and children is painful. Tears are flowing down his cheeks. Like a nightmare.

Then came the life on the roller coaster, the good, the bad, the heart, the blood pressure, the constipation and the bleeding. Family members will not be allowed to come near.

Not even the medical staff comes. YouTube video does not cut loneliness without facetime chat. Live like this for 54 days: after that leave.

Long stay, see the list of drugs that were taken for 54 days, and pay. But I got better and came back home.

Everything is opening up in the country, only schools are left open, public health experts are working on the idea, but the second wave has come in the history of Mari, so everyone must be careful, be prepared.
Maybe the variant of Sars Covid, will attack a second time. Must be carefully monitored.
The new coronavirus is spreading, not stopping. That’s why scientists, doctors and public health experts say those who recover from Kovid-19 need to be careful.

No one is sure how long immunity will last. Scientists are really thinking about this and scientists have to find the answer to this question about the discovery of vaccines. It takes to create public health guidelines.

So doctors tell patients to maintain physical isolation and wear masks.