An Australian state goes into lockdown just for a lie!

Published:Friday, 20 Nov 2020 12:11

An Australian state goes into lockdown just for a lie!

A six-day lockdown had been declared in a state of Australia due to false information of a person infected with coronavirus. Authorities announced the immediate withdrawal of the lockdown after the matter was revealed.

Two days ago, South Australian state authorities asked residents to stay home and close many businesses and establishment. Considering the virus highly contagious, a severe lockdown had been announced across the state.

South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall told a news conference on Friday that a man after being detected positive for coronavirus told that he had just gone to buy pizza from a shop. Then he fell ill. Authorities were shocked to learn that coronavirus had affected him so quickly. They declared a statewide lockdown, considering the virus highly contagious.

Steven Marshall said, “If the guy had been truthful to the contact tracing team, we probably wouldn’t have had to go through a six-day lockdown. I am outraged at the step taken by this person’s small lie. Our entire state fell in a difficult situation due to the selfish work of this person,” he said, adding that the business would be reopened from midnight on Saturday (local time).

When asked about the punishment for giving false information, Commissioner of Police Grant Stevens said the current law does not provide for the punishment of lying to contact tracers. However, the law may be reviewed.