India coronavirus: Four Modi claims fact-checked

Published:Thursday, 22 Oct 2020 09:10

India coronavirus: Four Modi claims fact-checked

Claim: “We are seeing a decline in the number of cases per day and in the growth rate of cases… because India was one of the first countries to adopt a flexible lockdown when total cases were a few hundred.”

Verdict: It’s true India’s infection numbers are falling. But it wasn’t the only country to lock down when case numbers were relatively low and countries have seen variable results from lockdowns.

India’s daily reported case numbers have been coming down since peaking around the middle of September, and week on week, there’s been a drop in the rate of growth in new confirmed cases.

The number of deaths reported daily has also been declining.

Evaluating the impact of lockdown is difficult because countries vary in the amount of testing they do, and therefore in the number of cases they confirm.

They have also imposed different types of restrictions on their populations.

Lockdown in India began on 25 March, when there were 562 cases and nine deaths. The nationwide lockdown continued for 68 days, until 1 June, when India had 190,535 cases and began easing restrictions on movement.

During lockdown, case numbers grew more than five-fold.