Global coronavirus cases cross four crore

Published:Monday, 19 Oct 2020 07:10

Global coronavirus cases cross four crore

Corona virus outbreak is still spreading fast in the world. The total number of infections worldwide has crossed 4 crore.

A record 3.24 lakh corona cases came in 24 hours. Earlier on October 16, the maximum number of 4.13 lakh cases were received. The death toll from this dangerous disease has also increased. 3,971 people died on the previous day.

According to the WorldMeter, 42 million people have been infected corona worldwide so far.

Out of this, 11 lakh 18 thousand people have lost their lives, while 3 crore 1 lakh patients have been cured.

There are only 90 million active cases in the whole world, that is, so many people are currently being treated in hospital.

The United States tops the list of countries most affected by the Corona epidemic, but the cases are increasing in India at the fastest rate.

So far, 83 lakh 87 thousand people have become infected in the US. In the last 24 hours more than 45 thousand new cases have come in America. After this, India’s number comes. More than 75 lakh people have become corona infected in India, here 55 thousand cases have increased in the last 24 hours. At the same time, Brazil has received only 11 thousand cases in 24 hours in the third most affected country.