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32 chefs, restaurateurs get London Curry Life Awards

Published October 24, 2017
32 chefs, restaurateurs get London Curry Life Awards

Foodies and British Indian culinary industry professionals gathered at the Curry Life Awards ceremony in London to find out the best in the industry.


Curry Life Magazine organises the awards every year to recognise the best chefs and restaurateurs of the Curry Cuisine.


This year’s annual Curry Life Awards and Gala Dinner was held on Sunday at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, where 32 chefs and restaurateurs were awarded, organisers said in a statement.



Photo: Syed Nahas Pasha


Nineteen chefs were awarded as Best Curry Chefs while 13 restaurants as Best Curry Restaurants.

Stockholm’s Shanti Ulmat was awarded as the Best European Curry Restaurant. Restaurateurs Miah Monirul Islam was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the curry industry, which generates 4.2 billion pounds of revenue a year.


International Honour Award went to India’s top female chef Manisha Bhasin, who works with the ICT Maurya New Delhi.


More than 600 guests attended the ceremony, including shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and British-Bangladeshi MP Rushanara Ali.



Photo: Syed Nahas Pasha


“It’s been through some tough times but has continued to grow and develop to meet the growing appetite for this cuisine … Its employees epitomise the ethos that hard work brings success,” the statement quoted Sir Starmer as saying.

Curry Life Magazine Editor Syed Belal Ahmed said the industry managed to grow ‘despite being hit hard by several recessions.’


“There are pressing issues that need to be resolved, such as relaxing overseas work permits and a sensible discussion about spiralling business rates, but tonight was about recognition and celebration of a much-loved British tradition for Indian food.”


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