Thirsty snake visits Taj Mahal, causes panic among tourists

Published:Wednesday, 17 May 2017 12:05

Thirsty snake visits Taj Mahal, causes panic among tourists

Taj Mahal saw an unexpected guest today. A 6-foot-long snake that slithered its way to the monument in search of water and a cool place. The reptile`s presence caused panic among tourists at the 17th century monument, officials said. The snake was safely captured by wildlife experts and rehabilitated.


As soon as tourists saw the six-foot-long reptile, there were shrieks and shouts for help.


The snake was found hiding under a water cooler in the water filtration plant of Taj Mahal. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials immediately contacted an animal rescue organisation for help.


“There are four RO plants inside Taj Mahal to ensure proper water supply for public water taps. As soon as the snake was spotted inside the plant, considering safety of tourists and workers, we immediately contacted Wildlife SOS for their assistance,” said ASI Senior Conservation Assistant Munazzar Ali.


Tourists and officials were moved to a safe distance before the rescue. After an hour long operation, the team successfully rescued the reptile and put it safely into a container.


The reptile was identified as a rat snake, which feeds mostly on birds and rodents.


“The severe heat must have driven this snake in search for water and a cool place. The rescued snake was kept in observation for some time after which it was released back in to its natural habitat,” said Wildlife SOS Director Baiju Raj M.V.