Imam Akhunjee Killed With His Assistant In New York : Prayer, Condulance & Press Conference were Held

Published:Thursday, 18 Aug 2016 01:08

imam-770x47213920791_540897722780830_3158602369716501429_nQazi Qayyoom : We, the New York Muslim Community are shocked! “Innaalillaahi Wainnaa Innaa Ilaihi Raajiuoon” as we came to know that, Sheikh Alauddin Akhunji (55), a Bangladeshi Sunni imam was shot to death (became SHAHEED, a martyr) by the unknown gunmen while he and his assistant Tara Uddin (64) were returning from his “Alfurqan Jame Masjid” Mosque in Ozonepark, Brooklyn, NY. after Zhuhr, the noon prayer at around 2:00 pm, of August 13, 2016. He was Spot death but taken to the nearest Jamaica Hospital, his assistant was announced death after few hours of fighting with his life at the same hospital, both were shot by head. No clues or motive were found yet. Police are looking for the suspects from various sources they may have, but not ready to say the incident was a hate crime of what the community and neighbors were doubt. In the evening of the same day of incident, A Prayer, Condolence & Press Conference were held at Imam Akhunjees Al-Furqan Mosque in Ozonepark where Imams, community leaders, NYPD & other Security reps and the neighbors gathered to condemn strongly such incident and to find the culprits as soon as possible and to bring them to justice. “WE WANT JUSTICE” placards were shown at the programs. Allama Imam Jalal Siddiqui led a special prayer at the end. He also took an oath of allegiance from the Imams & Community Leaders to work together for the achievement of strength and to prevent such incidents in future. He also called a special meeting with Imams & Islamic scholars to discuss more on the matter, which is due on Wednesday, Aug. 17, after Zhuhr prayer at the same Masjid. Funeral prayers of both will be held at the mosque but the time is not announced yet. families will decide for the burials whether will be here or to be sent to Bangladesh. Press Release.